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Building the Flash version of qbismSuper8 on Windows

[08-12-2012 Note:  This probably doesn’t work anymore.  “Old” Alchemy is not supported by current Flash version, but “new” Alchemy-like product is under development by Adobe.]


1.  Install Java Runtime Environment (JRE):  http://developers.sun.com/products/

2.  To C:\alchemy-repack,  NOT the default install folder, ESPECIALLY not “Program Files (x86)”:   install http://www.covergraph.com/blog/archives/alchemy_0.5_setup.exe

3.  Install FlashDevelop:  http://www.flashdevelop.org  The installer will download the Flex SDK.
Config instructions:  http://www.flashdevelop.org/wikidocs/index.php?title=Configuration

4.   (optional) Install Flash stand-alone debug player http://www.adobe.com/support/flashplayer/downloads.html
It may be required to uninstall and reinstall the browser flash player, although I did not.

5.  Copy “make.exe” to C:\alchemy-repack\bin from this:  make-3.81-2.zip

6.  Optional:  define FLASHDEMO for compiling a demo-only-mode Flash port.  FIXME/ limitation- only plays one demo.

7.   Compile the swc.  Type:  make -j3 -f makeswf
A list of compiled .o files will scroll by.  The end should look similar to:

WARNING: While resolving call to function ‘main’ arguments were dropped!
2296.achacks.swf, 1972726 bytes written
frame rate: 60
frame count: 1
………more junk…..
converting to DOS line endings
catalog.xml: done.
adding: catalog.xml (deflated 76%)
adding: library.swf (deflated 76%)

8. Start up FlashDevelop, open the project located in C:\qbismSuper8\qbismS8src\s_flash, and compile.

Among many others: Thanks to Baker for his Flash quakePro port and his installation help and instructions on inside3d, Michael Rennie for the initial port, and to Manoel Kasimier for Makaqu quake.  Big thanks to Alama for the Alchemy Repack.


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