Feb 012015

A few scenes of MFX’s map from the func_msgboard Rubicon Rumble Pack map jam. Huge bsp2 format maps in 8-bit software-rendered Quake. Also featuring improved models: Player, soldier, and dog from Capnbub plus knight from Lunarian.

The video uses a custom palette. Do “r_palette rrumble” in the console. Usually I like to play and record at 24 FPS, but this one’s at 60 FPS for a change.

Get the engine at super8.qbism.com
Map packthread: http://www.celephais.net/board/view_thread.php?id=61077&start=246
Inspirational music suggested by Vondur: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ImZrofSuEUc

Feb 012015

EDIT:  minor update/bug fix to build 235:  fix -sndspeed, vid_nativeaspect setting also effects hud, “classic” appearance config example in docs.

Gigantic map support based on quakespasm, both bsp2 and 2bsp formats.  Additional features include alpha textures (transparency and fences/grates) and more balanced model lighting.
Download: qbism Super8 v235.zip or qbism Super8 v235 setup.exe 

Pics first – Locust from rrumble and Something Wicked:

Change details-

  • Added bsp2 and 2bsp map format support for mods like the Rubicon Rumble Pack and Something Wicked.
  • A custom palette for Rubicon Rumble:  in console, type ‘r_palette rrumble’ and restart.
  • Support of alpha entities (glass) and colorkey textures (fences and grates).  But there’s a limitation/ performance enhancement for now:  super8 only does one transparency pass.  That means glass won’t show through another layer of glass for example.  This will be noticeable in maps like locust.bsp where there are multiple layers of glass and grates.
  • Added -game2, -game3, and -game4 startup parameters for ‘stacking’ of multiple game directories.  Advanced feature for mod development.
  • Protocol change to reduce sign-on packet size below the maximum.  The upshot is that old super8 demos won’t play.
  • The super8 directory includes a pak with corrected mdl and bsp files.  This round adds greatly improved models:  Player, soldier, and dog from Capnbub plus knight from Lunarian.  I’ve mirrored the original files:  knight.zip    QuakeAuthenticModelUpdate.zip
  • Support for external ‘.vis’ files is removed.  This was a way to add water transparency to old maps with patches.  However, a better way is to revis maps.  See this vispatching guide: http://quakeone.com/forums/quake-help/general-help/4604-vispatching-guide.html
  • Screenshots go into a ‘screenshots’ directory in the game folder.  Only took 4 years to come up with that brilliant organizational improvement.
  • Some other odds-and-ends I forgot about like ‘skyfog’

User video from jackoneill45 featuring low gravity:

known issues:

An effect similar to z-fighting occurs at some locations where transparent textures overlap solid.

known ‘features':
As a performance enhancement, only a single transparency pass is performed. This is most noticable when looking through one fence texture (texture with holes) at a fence texture beyond. A solution for most conditions is known, but it’s computationally expensive. The map areas where this occurs are usually rooms that are already huge and fps (frames-per-second) is a concern. So this engine errs on the side of more fps.

Jul 212014

Coming soon… better saturation for colored lighting and palette bends.  This is r_palette tormentarium, included in pak88.pak.

Apr 222014

Old video dug up, but Lexx is a classic…

In the sci-fi series Lexx, Mantrid’s robotic arms assimilate the Light Universe into more robotic arms. Electronic Liberation Front’s Mandible mod let’s you fight back. Coop with Frikbots and open source content playing on qbismSuper8 game engine.

Jan 062014

Build 182 had a bug that made turning left or right with keyboard controls ridiculously fast.   Thanks to leilei for reporting the bug.  This is repaired in build 183:  qbism Super8 v183 setup.exe or qbism Super8 v183.zip.

Minor speed improvement with underwater warp.  Fog looks better on some maps.  Bugfix for video recording in demo mode (video would exit out).  Plays well in linux with Wine in a quick test with Minty 16.

Shots from Sock’s “Zendar” map.