Dec 182011

Escalator test map

Maybe some qc coders are new or forgetful like me and don’t know about custents, or about the QuakeC Extras previously posted.  Custents provides a toolbox of qc examples and extensive documentation.
download custents

QC changes from the readme:

New qc files
actors.qc * contains all the code for the actor entities
apocmisc.qc * contains all sorts of misc. stuff from Apocalypse
buzzsaw.qc * Rogue buzzsaw trap
custdefs.qc * the globals for the Custents code
custents.qc * where the cool Custents features are held
elevatr.qc * Rogue elevator
hipsubs.qc * Hipnotic subroutines
hipcount.qc * Hipnotic counter
hiptraps.qc * Hipnotic hazards
hiprubbl.qc * Hipnotic rubble stuff
hip_brk.qc * Hipnotic breakable walls
hip_expl.qc * Hipnotic explosions
hip_part.qc * Hipnotic particle field
hip_push.qc * Hipnotic pushable walls
hiprot.qc * Hipnotic rotating code
hipclock.qc * Hipnotic clock
hipmisc.qc * Hipnotic sound stuff
hipspawn.qc * Hipnotic dynamic spawning
hiptrig.qc * Hipnotic triggers
hipquake.qc * Hipnotic Earthquakes
hipwater.qc * Hipnotic bobbing water
lightnin.qc * Rogue relay lightning Continue reading »

Dec 182011

Extras QuakeC Mod r4 from

In mid 2002 nostalgia and boredom drove me to write some interesting QuakeC hacks. The result is this “Extras” mod, which aims to provide extra stuff for Quake mappers. It features honest to goodness func_water, and func_ladder entities, as well as an insanely customizable emitter/effector based particle system, and advanced trains and switches. So if you ever wanted to dynamically flood a level, or attach water volumes and/or switches to trains, this is the mod for you! Example maps and some snazzy new animated sprites and sound effects are also included.

Download mirror:  extras_r4


Sep 232011

Salvaging a few things from old forum.  This model might come in handy some time-

“Lava monster” replacement model and m_gunner.c for kmquake2 here:

This is geared toward modders rather than end users, because game.dll must be recompiled for the animations and skins to work.  But the model demonstrates a work-flow for Kmquake2 features

Scripted textures, md3, milkshape source model included.
Used Quark to add additional skins per mesh to the compiled md3.  The md3 format supports this, but Quark is the only tool I know that can add the skins.  Warning, make sure to back up textures, Quark will overwrite!

Game dll must be compiled with m_gunner.c for proper animations.  The original gunner has a lot of wasted frames that I really didn’t want to draw.  Compiling the code will be only a slight annoyance for a modder contemplating scripted skins/multi-skin/multi-mesh animated md3! Using the gunner animation as a base was just a convenient way to experiment with a combination of features I haven’t seen anywhere else.  I’m more interested in unique mods ranging from milous’ packs to Citizen Able than vanilla Q2 replacement packs.

Sep 172011

-Edited this post with update-

qbWinQuakeDX : qbism bjp WinQuake with DirectX video driver:
So here’s an unofficial and slightly “modernized” exe and source package of Bengt Jardrup’s enhanced WinQuake:  qbWinQuakeDX

This is a slightly repackaged mod of Bengt Jardrup’s “Win/GLQuake Mapper Version”.
– Only WinQuake.exe has been produced (located in Release folder)
– Includes source code and project file for Codeblocks Advanced with mingw from Reckless

– uses C rendering functions rather than ASM
– uses mh’s DirectX vid_win.c replacement
– faster drawspans replacement by mh, Manoel Kasimer, and qbism
– a few efficient macros from LordHavoc and John Fitz
– other minor changes as commented, mostly to soothe compiler.

– Robust and large-capacity Quake in a software renderer package.
– Classic engine updated to work with current weird-resolution laptops.
– Ported to an updated open-source IDE and compiler suite.
– Makes a good reference for testing big maps and comparing other engines.

I started with from   The thing is that it’s not a complete set of sources, just the ones that have changed from original ID source.