Apr 122015

Quake2 ‘The Reckoning’ with colored lighting ref_soft.
See this post for more info http://super8.qbism.com/2015/01/quake-ii-with-8-bit-colored-lighting-ref_soft-dll/


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  1. I love this renderer and I’ve started a new Quake II playthrough with it but I have two issues:

    1. Particles are very, very large at high resolutions (especially 1920×1080), and I’m guessing the same is true for the original software renderer. Do you plan on doing any sort of option to shrink them down?

    2. An OpenGL or Direct3D blitter like ZDoom’s software renderer uses would be nice, to give things like the Steam overlay something to latch on to.

    Other than that, it’s great! P.S. the colored light shading/blending on this renderer looks a bit better/more accurate than super8’s, do you plan on backporting it to super8?

    • 1. If I ever work on this again, I will look at adding an r_particlescale cvar. The particle scaling formula hasn’t been changed. ID Software had a 1920×1080 monitor back in the day, but I don’t know if they could play Q2 on it in HD!

      2. Would be great, also for support on other platforms (Android), but likely won’t happen unless some other coder drops out-of-the-blue and adds it.

      Try the Engoo Quake engine for similar blending. The color palette for Q2 is actually worse than Q1 in terms of colored lighting use. This is just by chance, since neither renderer originally supported colored lighting in software mode. Despite this, I agree the blending is more accurate than in super8. Leilei originally released this Q2 renderer (I just made some improvements) porting the excellent color blending from Engoo. With Super8 I intentionally tried an alternative algorithm to get a higher framerate (in DOS at the time!) and wound up with a different appearance.

      • Well the problem with Engoo is that it’s very unreliable and some things like music are missing altogether. I love Engoo’s features, but super8 has stability and compatibility. Maybe if leileilol polishes Engoo under the hood some more I can use it as my primary Quake 1 source port but for now I’m sticking with super8. :)

        I hope you work on this renderer some more, Quake 2 doesn’t get enough love despite being my favorite Quake. This with r_particlescale and a development of 3.24 that has KMQ2-style interface scaling (I’ve emailed Knightmare about that) would be perfection.

        Anyway, thanks for writing back, and thanks also for providing a great software alternative to all the Id Tech 4-like eyecandy ports. I’ve always preferred software rendering in old FPS games, I prefer ZDoom over GZDoom, I play EDuke32 in software, and super8 instead of Darkplaces.

        (as for the HD monitor issue, I suspect it didn’t occur to Carmack to use the workstation monitor with Quake II’s software mode since they were pushing OpenGL hard)

        • Interface scaling would be a great improvement. It exists in several Quake SW engines but I haven’t seen it in Quake 2. It’s one of those features requiring a completely separate implementation for the software engine.

          I’ve been watching a few recent projects that use hardware shaders to simulate 256-color graphics. The beauty is that a single rendering path can support multiple visual options.

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