Jan 282015

I just realized I never posted here about my own replacement ref_soft.dll that adds colored lighting and widescreen waterwarp support to the Quake 2 software renderer.   Alphatest and transparency are improved as a bonus.  darklights work.  Not to mention the ddraw palette problem fixed- this one only uses DIB even for fullscreen! Knightmare’s ‘unofficial Q2 patch’ 3.24 is supported, although haven’t tried it on any others.

Unsigned short fix (thanks to Knightmare for the tip) http://forums.inside3d.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=5308]

Oh, yeah, and there’s a cvar called ‘sw_transmooth’ that dithers transparent surfaces.

Download dll: http://qbism.com/_extfiles/ref_soft_color.zip

Source code: http://qbism.com/_extfiles/ref_soft_color_src.zip

Notes about the code- It can be copied into the 3.24 source folder. (Make a backup for this purpose.) But I don’t have VC 6, so I built it with VS 2013 (project included in the ref_soft folder).
This started with the colored light code leilei added to stock Q2. Shaded light was completed among other things with head-scratching and borrowed pieces of engoo. Waterwarp improvement and dithering are from AROS Quake2.

That orange. r_lightsaturation = 2

Maric’s ‘The Blue Devoid’


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  1. […] ent_qbism said Confirmed. Try creating a shortcut instead of the… […]

  2. Oh, I will, although this does’t seem to like The Reckoning too much (crashes right at the start of the first level). The base game and Ground Zero seem to work however.

    • Confirmed. Try creating a shortcut instead of the .bat file. I do C:\quake2\quake2_324.exe +set game xatrix (I renamed knightmare’s 3.24 to this). Also let the xatrix logo intro vid play through, but can skip the cutscene vid. I’ll post a screenshot as proof :)

  3. Thanks, good to see you (and the site) are back. :-)

  4. Link is broken.

  5. Looks great! But how can I disable bilinear filtering for water? It looks out of place when everything is rendered with point sampling. I remeber that in ZDooM waterwarp was made without filtering and it looks cool.

  6. Ah, ok, thanks for the quick awnsers. I love the 2 engines you did (actually the Q2 one isnt a engine exactly). Its good for retro gameplay and keeps up with modern features.

  7. So far I haven’t been able to compile Q2PR. But hopefully the waterwarp code is similar enough to migrate.

  8. How hard would be to port your fixed Waterwarp to the Panzerschrek’s ref_soft?

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