Oct 012014

Build 213:

  • ¬†Floating point corruption (?) fixed by targeting Pentium 4 as minimum. See http://forums.inside3d.com/viewtopic.php?t=5488
  • Revert .vis search path to gamedir only. Many maps named ‘start’ in mods, and vis can’t distinguish.
  • Tweak fviews calculation.

qbism Super8 v213 setup.exe

qbism Super8 v213.zip

  7 Responses to “build 213: a few tweaks”

  1. Sorry. It seems 213 won’t work for me at all. This was my first time getting around to trying it. 212 wouldn’t load mapjam3 correctly and so I tried updating to 213, which unfortunately won’t work at all. :(

  2. Seems to be having issues running map jam 3 set for me. It starts up, but then stutters and crashes. :(

  3. I didn’t know about the * and ? functions that I could use with “map TAB”. I always found the map function rather useful. Particularly when using quoth or dmsp2.
    i would just put all my quoth maps in the “maps” folder under the quoth directory for example and it would just show those when I ran the shortcut I made for quoth. I was never very good at remembering the names of maps so I found the map menu quite useful personally. Especially when they all have quite varying names instead of simple series names like mexx# or e#m#.

    I don’t really keep tons of single maps so the list was never that big for me personally. It could work well if the player was able to navigate folders in the map menu and just have the player’s Quake folder be the default. THen the player could organize their maps how they see fit.

    I don’t really know how many maps use bsp2. I just know a few do and unfortunately, I was never able to play them cause the engines they required wouldn’t run very well or at all for me. :( Something wicked looked really cool.

    I now use qbism exclusively for all my quaking. I’d like to try it in multiplayer as well to see if it runs smooth for me, but haven;t had luck connecting yet.

    Think hexen2 support is possible at all in the future?

    • Good point about the map dirs and names. The console command combines maps from all game paths. It would also be cool to show mini map screenshots if available.

      Networking should be good on vanilla servers. I’ve played a few times but not recently. I’ve also played coop on LAN with a super8 server and it works well.

      Haven’t thought about porting Hexen 2 because Hammer of Thyrion already has a great software port. This has a great source code and build system in place to support many platforms and both GL and software renderers. It would probably make more sense to migrate the other way, add Super8 stuff to Hexen2.

  4. Would it be possible to add a main menu option to browse and load maps? Kinda like directQ and Dark places does? It would be a rather handy feature to have I think.

    Any plans for adding support for the larger map file types such as bsp2?


    • The DQ map interface is cool, but seems tedious to show one map at a time if there are 100+ maps in the dir. Maybe if the menu listed a large group of maps at a time with navigation similar to the resolution picker. That could get confusing. I’m a fan of minimal menus but a useful console.

      Super8 has a powerful wildcard feature to list maps using * and ? symbols. Examples: Type map * then TAB to list all maps. map k* TAB will list all maps starting with k. Actually the * can be dropped, map k TAB does the same thing.
      In a mexx mod, type map ??xx TAB to list anything with x as the 3rd and 4th letters. Wildcard suffix search does not work- map *s will not find all maps ending in ‘s’.

      I made a quick attempt at bsp2 a while ago, but the format was changing and I went on to something else. Honestly I’ve never even finished playing a bsp2 map. If the format attracts more maps it might be worth reconsidering. Note that most “normal” extended limit maps AKA Big Maps are indeed supported.

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