Aug 202014

qbism Super8 v212 setup.exe

qbism Super8

Finally block colored lighting is mixed, meaning fewer weird uncolored patches.

Added ‘sv_imp12hack’ cvar.  Toggles force of weapprev (impulse 12) for older mods.  This is hackier than reQuiem implementation because it doesn’t check compatibility.  It just does it.  Only checked with mexx9 at this point so it’s a beta feature.

pak33.pak is removed.  Now there’s nothing put into id1 folder.  The contents of this pak are moved to pak88.pak in the super8 folder.  To do this it was allowed to load .vis files outside of the map game dir.  I know, I know…  But it was already allowed for .lit and .ent.  The problem can be a map with the same name as an ID map.  It’s either that or clutter up the id1 folder with possibly redundant content.

Removed watcom build because it was giving “Loadgame buffer overflow” errors on perfectly good savegame files.

  2 Responses to “release 212”

  1. Glad it’s working. I enjoyed digging up some of these older maps.

  2. Works great so far. Thanks for the impulse 12 on older mods.

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