Jul 212014

Coming soon… better saturation for colored lighting and palette bends.  This is r_palette tormentarium, included in pak88.pak.

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  1. 1080p update:

    I was able to use vid_describemodes to find the 1920×1080 setting (#23) and vid_forcemode to enable it. It still doesn’t appear among the list of video modes in the menu (unsurprisingly), but it does show up in the menu as the current video mode. The _vid_default_mode command doesn’t seem to be recognized, but the resolution setting is retained between sessions.

    • Great idea to get your mode. Next build will add 6 more slots to mode selection, so maybe it will show up. I hardcoded default mode to something safe (640×480) but as you realized custom setting is saved in config. ‘resolved’…. groan!

      Coding particles to follow water turbulence would be cool and may be possible, but beyond my level of patience. However, I did make particles in water a little more interesting.

  2. Thanks for taking the time to respond to my comment!

    Please allow me to retract the brightness criticism — I finally got the r_palette command to work last night (I had moved the included .pak files to my id1 folder out of habit) and I was able to cycle through Amon’s alternate palettes. By way of my inability to use the command properly, I also stumbled on the default Quake palette [nods to cubanraul]. Default Quake (and Amon26_Pal08, to a great extent) was closest to what I had in mind — but after a while I started missing the brighter Super8 default and had to pore over the documentation to find the s8pal variable name in order to change it back. Consider this a case of user error — you knew what I wanted before I knew I wanted it. :D

    The native resolution of my display (plasma TV) is 1080p, so it should be recognized. The resolution list IS pretty exhaustive, but it tops out at 1440 x 900 (if memory serves). I’ll try the vid_nummodes command tonight and report back.

    The particle and turbulence ideas were just nit-picky suggestions. If I can get the resolution issue — well, resolved — I’ll be a happy camper.

    Unrelated technical question — how is it that the engine manages perspective-correct environment textures, but the models use affine mapping? As an extension of this, would it be possible to use affine mapping for all of the game’s textures (see Quake 2 — or anything, for that matter — on the original PlayStation)? I find that it gives an interesting sense of movement to the environment (not unlike the effect of your repeating background image).

  3. I tend to like to play with this engine a little darker too. If your monitor isn’t very bright to begin with a setting of gamma 1.1 on the console should look properly dark. On ones overly bright 1.2 looks rather good too. Adjusting the palette to the original quake one can make things appear a little darker, but really the details blend together more into a sea of brown. The colored lighting helps visibility a bit either way.

    1080p was in older builds. Maybe it disappeared when he was trying out some aspect ratio stuff. We’ll see.

    Echo your praise completely. Most people seem to get the look he is going for and that is great.

    I also suggest Makaqu and Engoo. Engoo can be a lot of fun to play around with.

  4. Glad you’re having a blast! Since the water bug ‘surfaced’ (ha-ha) it has been driving me nuts. At the same time there’s been renewed interest so it feels good to have it resolved.

    This project is more about aesthetic concepts of a limited palette than retro simulation, so many of the default configs are for recent PCs and smooth play. A few examples: mouselook is now a cvar (m_look) and it is turned on by default, animation and movement interpolation is on, and many archaic memory limitations are removed. Some of this is inherited from Makaqu, and some from more modern engines.

    ‘Not ready for primetime’ is well-put and probably still the case. For this reason I haven’t pimped it much on user forums like Steam or Quakeone. Releases now are mainly fixes and minor tweaks so it is getting closer. A few enthusiasts have been enjoying it for a while and mostly rolled back to previous versions while bugginess and XP brokenness were happening.

    Comment response-
    Try setting ‘gamma 1.1′ on the latest beta 202. It will get darker, but maintain contrast. One of the challenges has been lack of saturation or contrast of colored lighting compared to the intent. I think this build is an improvement of that.

    I’ll keep the particle idea in mind, it would be cool. Another option would be to sink slowly with a little drifting.

    Ditto with turbulence. I’m not sure how flexible that actually is.

    1920×1080 is intended to be supported but I haven’t tested it. That is set as the maximum resolution if detected. Currently I play on a 1600×900 screen but I can get an HD screen to try. Is the video mode menu filled with various modes less than 1920×1080? If so, maybe it ran out of slots when detecting modes. Please type ‘vid_nummodes’ in the console. If that number is 24 then it’s maxed.

    I appreciate candid feedback. When there’s time…. the goal is to address technical issues/ bugs and low-hanging fruit if it’s within the limits of the project.

  5. ent,

    I wanted to take a moment and commend you on the work you’ve put into this engine. I missed out on Quake the first time around (my 486sx/25 lacked the necessary co-processor, and I made the jump to consoles before upgrading) — but the game’s atmosphere and the incredible community finally drew me in after eighteen years, and I’m discovering just how far down the rabbit hole goes. I’ve spent the past few weeks auditioning source ports, playing with mods and console variables, and trying my hand at getting the original DOS and Windows engines to run to my satisfaction. As luscious as DarkPlaces can be made to look with replacement textures and lighting, there is just something about the original software renderer that conveys the grit and menace of the game in the manner in which I feel it was intended.

    During my initial trials, I dismissed Super8 as buggy when I experienced some crashes related to the water effects and I moved on. I thought that the aesthetic you were going for was great, but I didn’t think the engine was ready for prime-time. I happened to notice that a new release was just made available the other day, so I decided to give it another go last night on the strength of what I saw in the previous release.

    Skip forward about four hours.

    This is the most FUN I’ve had playing a game — particularly this game — in as long as I can remember. With all of the dross stripped away, I finally found myself fighting ogres instead of fighting menus. This is the de-saturated eldritch nightmare I’ve been searching for. :D

    Since I’ve got a few hours under my belt, I thought I’d list a very few things that might nudge this engine closer towards perfection (based on the other posts, you seem open to feedback):

    – this is the only Quake client I’ve seen that has ever made me wish it was darker
    – it would be really cool if particles landing on liquid surfaces undulated along with them
    – it would be interesting to be able to adjust the period and amplitude of the turbulence underwater
    – 1920×1080 support would be the cherry on top (8-bit software-rendered Quake at 1080p would be like listening to a microcassette of your favorite album on electrostatic headphones)

    Please don’t take any of this as criticism — I think you’ve got something really special here, and I’m glad I discovered it when I did. Keep up the excellent work!

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